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Zhejiang Jinxia New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, has Shanghai Jinxia, Jiaxing Jinxu two subsidiaries, located in Tongyuan town Haiyan county Zhejiang provence, which is inside the Shanghai eco


The group of campers hopes to be able

They worked to create a cord that wouldn't burn on the spot when Polyester yarns for ribbon placed into the fire and an entire system that would be able to fully heat up the water. "There is this really unique cord that is placed in the fire and that works to heat the water on the spot. "What this water heater system does is it runs solely on the heat that is generated from a basic necessity when camping - the fire", said John Summers, one of the campers turned inventor." The whole basis of the system is fairly simple. "It just sparked out creative juices flowing and really made us want to come up with a heating system for our campsite. One of the most frustrating elements of camping has got to be the willingness to give up the luxury of warm water. "We were amazed at just how efficient this type of heating system could be", said Summers." The group of campers spent the past six months working on developing this tankless water heater system that really works. The heat from the fire will be transformed into a type of energy that can be used to heat up the water. We finally came up with a fireproof version of a cord that would transform the heat from the fire and carry it to a bowl or tub of water." The group of campers hopes to be able to show off their new invention at the next Seattle campers' expo. This group of campers believes that they have come up with a way to incorporate a tankless water heater system into a campsite. "One of the biggest challenges we faced was the cord that would heat up the water", said Summers. The group plans on showing it off and hopefully taking orders for them to be able to start selling the item. "When we'd put the cord we were going to use in the fire, it would just sort of shrivel up and burn. The idea came when the campers noticed that a tankless water system for their Seattle home worked just as well as a tank water heating system. Showers, hand washing, and laundry is all done in lukewarm to cold water, but what if there was a way to get warm water to any campsite no matter where it was located? That is exactly the problem a group of campers turned inventors think they have solved.

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